Workers’ Compensation Insurance in North Palm Beach, FL

What is Workers’ Comp? Who Needs It?

Workers’ compensation insurance spreads and shifts the risk for on-the-job employee injuries from employers to insurance providers. Doing so protects your business from work-related claims and legal exposure. Business owners can breathe easier knowing employees will be properly cared for if an accident happens without posing a threat to the company’s profitability or its solvency. 

And workers’ compensation provides reimbursement regardless of who’s at fault for an on-the-job injury. If the injury occurs during the normal scope of normal job duties, workers’ compensation will pay all applicable benefits. 

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Workers’ Compensation covers several expenses related to a worker's recovery from an on-the-job incident: 

  • Lost-time payments
  • Medical care reimbursement
  • Rehabilitative services payments
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When Should I carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

In terms of required coverage, Florida workers’ compensation law provides business owners with greater flexibility compared to other states. However, even if you're not legally required to carry workers’ compensation, A.S. Enterprises Inc. recommends it. If an employee sustains an on-the-job injury, responsibility for related medical payments, and lost wages will ultimately fall on you, the business owner. 

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